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The Last Peace
is a metaphor that refers to life as if it were a puzzle.  Each puzzle piece reveals a bigger picture of the life that surrounds each of us; as well as the life within each of us.

The primary goal is for the reader to be better off having spent the time reading each post. Reader experience will always be unique.  But so the theory goes…

As puzzle pieces that may apply to their lives reveal themselves, they will have a more thorough picture of their own lives.  Resulting in a more aware, fuller existence.  

Through understanding and awareness, we can all be better people to each other and to ourselves.

Sometimes all you need is one “ah-ha” moment to set your life on a more fulfilling path.

It is the last piece of a puzzle that ultimately reflects the true meaning of the puzzle. When the reader finds that last piece to their own unique puzzle, it will ultimately reflect the true meaning of their life here on Earth; essentially bringing them inner peace.

Live in the Moment… Read in the Moment.


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Like lil wayne rapping off the cuff, these posts are being written on the fly and in the moment.  They aren’t reviewed, corrected, rearranged, nothing.

Revisions, if any, will be in new and separate posts.

As with live streaming, this is essentially Live Writing.  So look to the overall message of the posts, not punctuation and flow errors.

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Life isn’t perfect, Live Writing isn’t either. Both are fascinating, however.  

The unrehearsed!

The right before your eyes!