written live on august 17, 2021

In every direction… Death.
What does this mean?  Does this have to mean?
Between questions, I take a breath.

Falling, wondering- is despair just a part of it all…
This is going to hurt.  I know it will, but still,
Sprawling, arms and hands attempt to grasp the wall.

Nothing until something.
A tree where it shouldn’t be, with a little strawberry- how could this be?
Grabbing and holding, gripping the whole thing.

So glad… I could sing.

Here it is and here it was.
Beauty… so vividly… in awe and in love.
Forgetting I was falling, I find myself smiling, just because.

Chills… the good kind.
Joy… heart is lined.
Fear… no longer on my mind.

Before too long, but long enough
I cherish and say goodbye, brimming with love, oh my.
Realizing just then that I had been searching for the wrong stuff.

Letting go I fall slow.
As grateful as can be, my eyes- tearful, but not melancholy.
My whole life lived and I didn’t even know.

Look at this beautiful baby girl.
In love, I’m very. With my little strawberry.
So much so, that as my life begins to fade… I forgot to be afraid.

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