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From the Creator…

As far as the “path” I’ve taken in life is concerned, I’ll skip ahead to me enlisting in the Marines after a lousy attempt at community college. Fun doesn’t quite describe it; however I did get to go to Iraq, Afghanistan, and Haiti. Oorah.

I’ve since been a struggling-to-integrate veteran who has earned his bachelor’s degree online in sustainability and management. Which was enhanced by a plethora of credits from other places. Then quickly moved on to earning a master’s in business administration (finance) in a one-year accelerated program at a well-respected local and private college.

A month before graduation, I started two business and a nonprofit organization. I learned incredible amounts of things and lost incredible amounts of hair.

I’ll leave it at I learned a lot of things.

So here I am now, searching for what truly gives me that intrinsic reward we are all after. It seems I’ve found my answer with a keyboard and a website. Regardless of the hippie stigma, I wish to join the ranks of the World Peace Seekers that only want the best for all of life, not just us noble humans, or cute animals, but everything given the gift of life. I’ve seen it get hunted and destroyed, and it just doesn’t seem like the best way to do things.

I want to take my unique experiences, and unique perceptions of those experiences, and offer them to whoever is interested. Because we can all learn something from someone else’s fuck ups and hardships.

Live Writing Guidelines…

On the basis of transparency…

Some of the posts on this site have been and will be from the past. They were all written in the moment and then stored away in a hard drive. They adhere to the same principles as other Live Writing contributions, however there was a learning curve with converting Word documents to a public website blog. Some rearranging and formatting was necessary to make them more readable.

Second, any political points of view may not be shared by all authors of this site. There is a certain criteria each post must meet, however live writer’s have to be able to go certain places perhaps to come to an entirely different conclusion in the end. I will feel obligated to publish if the post meets that criteria regardless of how I feel on a controversial topic.

Let’s not judge too harshly the views of an author (or anyone) right now that we completely disagree with, and let’s read and understand the opposing sides “inner thoughts”. If, in fact, you are correct in your opinions, then that live writer should eventually come to that same conclusion; so nothing to get your feathers shaken up about.

[unfinished section. Detailed Guidelines are on the way. Thanks for your patience.]