[1.5] Time is the Ultimate Commonality


It is the universal connection we all have with one another; and all of life.

We are all spending the ever precious and limited resource of time we have together, no matter where you are from, what you look like, or however extreme your cultural views. 

We are suffering all the same because it is happening during our little piece of time we’ve all been blessed with.

There is a way to accept each other, every living human and animal and any other living thing alike. I’m not saying go vegan, just that we need to respect life a little bit more than we do now. 

We need to stop acting ignorant when we know horrible things are happening.  We don’t all have to be leaders of revolutionary movements, but don’t stop caring.  Don’t stop suffering with your fellow life.

Again, we are all sharing our little piece of time together. 

Time is the ultimate circle of commonality of all life. 

So stop being a dick to people.  They are essentially your people.  Stop cutting each other off in traffic, because we all want to get where we’re going quickly and safely, not just you.  If someone cuts you off, let it go, cuz chances are you’ve cut someone off at one point in your life, and that’s the definition of hypocrisy.

You will never know what’s really going on in someone’s life at the time you feel they wronged you. 

And just because you’ve learned your lesson about screwing people over, doesn’t mean everybody learned the same lesson with you; perhaps they just haven’t matured at the same pace you have. 

On the latter, perhaps there’s something you have yet to learn.

Mind these facts of life next time you feel angry or impatient towards your fellow person.

People are only strangers when they are beyond the context of a circle of commonality.  Time is the ultimate and universal circle of commonality.  For more people to realize this and practice would mean a dramatic shift in how we treat one another.

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