[1.4] Acting alone when not alone

When I am alone, I feel free.

Because I am.  I am free from all forms of judgments from others.  I can truly be what I consider to be Me.  Live writing reflects my true self. It feels quite vulnerable to express my inner thoughts without a filter directly to the public eye…  But I think I’m going to do me from now on.

I’m going to make how I act when I am alone one with how I act around others.  

Time is too precious and limited to live any other way.  I trust my values, thoughts, and decisions.  

I fuck up, say the wrong thing, make bad decisions, but there’s nothing I can do about it except try to learn from it.  And to focus so hard on changing myself to never make a mistake again is not the way to live day to day. 

I’ll never make zero mistakes. 

So I need to accept mistakes as they come and not get so fucked up about it every time.

Being as I am alone (and free) throughout my days will put out the vibes true to my soul and will act as a natural filter to the world that surrounds me.  People who don’t like it will stray away, and people who can provide fulfillment/get fulfillment from you, will gravitate towards you.

Ass holes suck.  But even ass holes have friends, so let them and then go have your own. 

No one, speaking for America at least, needs to take shit from ass holes (no pun intended), they can just walk away, find a new job, or whatever.

The craving to be accepted and to fulfill our souls is so high it is blinding and results in misguided searching.  Especially because the souls power is so hard to measure, every one seems to deny its reality and immense importance to the meaning of each of our lives.

Self reflection will help guide your soul.

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