Block 2: Afterthought…

The Identity you have is a choice that you make.  Even though you can’t change your past, or remove memories (on purpose), you can change how you view and interpret those memories.

I learned this in the Marines, but we are all quite adaptive.  We adjust to shitty situations until they become our new “normal”.  Like wearing a watch or a ring- after a little while you don’t even feel them on you.  Or walking into a loud concert- after a while it will become the new normal and won’t seem so ear-piercing, and when the music stops, your ears will have to adjust back to low volumes.

Bad days don’t last forever. Not because situations actually change (they might, but that’s irrelevant), it’s your outlook that changes.

Good days don’t last forever either.  People adjust to a “good” normal and start to complain about frivolous things.  It will become increasingly harder to keep having good days.

Chasing happiness.

When you look around and you feel empty with no obvious reasons why.  That might mean you’re “normal” needs to be reset with bad days (relative to your good days), or through intense reflecting.

The point is that our Identities evolve and change regardless of what lies ahead in the future.  In other words, we all can change our identities without making any new decisions, new memories, anything.

We can choose to re-interpret our existing memories and experiences; essentially re-defining who we are.

I hope you enjoyed Block 2.

Block 3 coming soon…

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