Monopoly Thoughts…

Monopoly Thoughts…

approx.  2 min

Don’t prejudge, this is more positive a message than its introduction makes it seem…


Dying hurts.  Not me dying, but someone else… it always surprises me how it never gets easier the more it happens.  Each death accumulates, even if you bottle a few up without grieving too hard.

I can’t think of anything else that stays hard, or even gets harder like that.

How it kind of shatters your current way of life, or cracks the lenses through which life is being viewed forever seeing things differently.

How it makes me re-evaluate what’s really important by involuntarily thrusting your soul into a deeper understanding of what mortality truly is…

Moreso, that I’m on my very own train of mortality.

It’s hard to get through my head that everyone around me is on the same mortal train.


Harder still, that everything, and I mean every thing¸ has to face mortality as well.  The stuff I own, the house I live in, landscapes like waterfalls, and even the sun rising has a clock.

To find meaning under these limiting fundamental laws of being alive it becomes a sort of twisted Monopoly game of players all on different levels… all trying to “win”, and most suffering through losing slowly.

Sometimes very slowly.

Except in Life Monopoly everyone is starting out with different banks and real estate levels, physical and mental abilities, environments, etc.

With the Game Monopoly, the best player is always the last one around.  And by themselves.

e43e41_7c4bf12be9acc697c81f11185c8e1a2b.jpg_1024The reward for being better than everyone else is being alone?!

So I do believe wanting to win is something a majority seeks, because only a minority achieves.  And it’s rarity is what makes it curious.

Or perhaps it’s simply the label of “winner” that is sought after, not necessarily what might be next.

It seems silly to have a drive to be worse off than others with such ferocity as people do with winning. To be better than others, who wouldn’t want that.

Winning in the traditional sense, and having the “stuff” to prove it, is not a good way to ride the mortal train of life.

Winning has a different definition when the game doesn’t last forever.

Even though real Monopoly games sometimes feel like they last forever… you’re still suffering through to be the best-alone person in the room.

It’s the one’s who did their best while not overly screwing over their fellow players or taking things too seriously.  They had the best time.  And they’re the ones with the most friends when the game is over too.

Double win.



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