[1.3] The 6th Sense

I beg the question that the feeling we get, that closeness we feel, that feeling when you hug a person you love versus a tree, it is a sixth sense –

how our body’s sense the passage of time on a biological level that we can feel in our souls.

It’s also what gives material items sentimental value and meaning.  How can an object mean so much to one person, and be nothing to another.

It’s a theory.  But go hug somebody, then go hug a pillow or anything else not living.

That difference, is the sense I’m talking about.  And that goes for anything that has been given conscious life.

The power of this sense is why solitary confinement is the worst punishment before death.  To separate the soul from other life is the complete removal of meaning to the life being confined.

We are all sharing that together, and I believe that’s why people can get fulfilled by a family pet. The acceptance of you to get in anothers “personal space”, grasp them as they grasp you, a dog allowing you to pet it, that is the source of what our souls sense. 

Because it can’t be seen, heard, tasted or touched, hasn’t been measured or recognized in any way, people do not believe in this sense.

I believe that it is this sense that is why religion is so goddam popular.

People are searching to fulfill this sense with other’s suffering with them during the same time of their existence, out of thousands of generations, before we evolve into something unrecognizable to how we look today (monkeys).  And find this fulfillment in church singing together with fellow people who have built a commonality called religion to share.

Not to anyone’s fault, even though it sounds like I’m talking shit about religion.

I believe large numbers of people in the same circle of commonality can magnify that “source” of that sense.  Puts out vibes I guess we can say.

That works.

Vibes for the soul.  Larger numbers, stronger vibes.

The living world of our time is not ready to grasp each other in appreciation and acceptance.

Not in our lifetimes.  Perhaps one day.

That day will be the ultimate transcendence of all that is life as we know it.

And that, to me, is a pursuit worth dying for.

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