I’m by no means a poet (And I know it). Still, read on. This one is as Live and raw as it gets.

Tick, Tock

Go on time. Keep passing, keep passing.

I find myself paralyzed. Staring.

I can’t move, and I can’t think. Tick.

Another second, another minute… Panic.


Stay calm. This will pass, this will pass.

A prison cell with 4 walls. Collapse.

Oblivion, it’s pulling me in. Relinquish.

Locked up by seconds, prisoner to minutes. Until I diminish.


Consumed. The world is vast. It’s so vast.

All the things that were and was. Create the past.

Accumulating as I hopelessly watch. In pain.

Bound by ticks, restrained by tocks. Am I still sane?


So go ahead.  Tick, tock.  Tick, tock.

You’ve ticked before me, you’ll tock after, fucking clock.

Never early, and never late. Quick as a blink.

Ticking perfectly, tocking persistently. Keeping all of life in sync.

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